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Safety Tips

It’s really important to stay safe when meeting up with new people. We've made this little guide to help you do just that.

Always meet in a public space first, and know where you’re going.

The first time you meet someone new should always be in a public space. Know who you’re meeting (name, photo) and if you can, wait with a friend.

If in doubt, leave.

There’s nothing wrong with heading off early. Trust your gut. There's no obligation to stay longer than you want. There can always be another meet up. And if someone is going to react negatively to you wanting to go, they're not somebody you want to be spending time with.

Get your expectations right, and be ready to say no.

Don't expect too much on a date. Ideally, don't expect anything, but hope for some nice company. If in doubt, be direct before or early on in your meet up and ask about hopes and expectations.

Everyone should feel free to talk about what they want directly, and equally everyone should feel comfortable saying yes or no to suggestions.

Tell a friend, or family member, or both, about your meetup.

Tell them when you expect to be home afterwards and let them know when you're home. If you want bonus points, get them to check in at various times to make sure everything is great.

Always know how you're getting home; taxi, train, or drive. You must be in control of your own transport.

The last thing you want to do is be forced to stay out because you missed the last train or don't have change for a taxi.

Don't rush into anything

If the date is going well, then there will be more dates. Feeling pressure to do things you're not 100% comfortable with is a sign that something might be wrong.

If something goes wrong, report the incident to law enforcement

If someone assaults you, they're likely to have done it to others, and will probably do it again. It's important to report these incidents to local law enforcement for yourself, and for others. You always have the right to say “no”, and other people have to respect that.

Be honest

They say honesty is the best policy, and it's true. Starting off with little white lies never ends well. Be honest, and expect honesty in return.